Monday, September 11, 2017

let me sing Ape Bangers

Let me sing
Oh, how history repeats
Oh, how repeat offenders set the bar
Oh, how it can be a betterment for humanity
Oh, how mostly, it's in the interest of our demise
Oh, how history repeats
Oh, how the system does reset with every coming age
Oh, how free will is a delusion
Oh, how it's just a game of experience
Oh, how it's just about mixing egg and sperm
Oh, how that came from Jason
Oh, how he could be right
Oh, how I want more
Oh, how I whimper sore
Humans fight to survive
Clawing their way to breed
Climbing for life while digging a grave
Strive for meaning
War for nothing
The World in history
Chanting Death, death, death
Chanting Death, death, death

Ape Bangers

We have a chance
For a New World Order
Where the rich rule
Back to scrounging for Kings and Queens
Cause the fools think a free lunch brings a better life
Strapon Knights and Lords
They control it all
Fuck you, George!
Let me sing
Fuck you, George and the boys!
The world is ruled by a female
The world isn't yours 
She is something
Introduce us

Gocni Schindler 

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