Friday, September 8, 2017

Conquest of the Grapes


She was innocent
He was vile
The corruption of his world
Yet to fondle her mind
Ravaged sea, she floated not
Rage was his river
He drowned in it daily
Stuck wide to the screen
Her blossoms big and blue
His Luciferians shark black
Enjoying the illumination of woman

Local Thirty Three News

Across the screen
I'll call her Tiffany
Eat it, Brady!
One blond bimbo, selling tragedy!
Wind raging, wind so savage
The fool was trying to hold the truck
Believing he's stronger than the gods
She watched, as the truck devoured the fool
He viewed it as a Romcom.
She screamed like Kim 
He laughed like hell
"Is the fool OK? oh, my God is he OK?!?"
Her hands cover her eyes
His eyes filled with lust
Her lip quivers
His tongue licks
Her pain spews
Oh, hail, Facials pour rain
Oh, hail, The Monsoon
She viewed the life lost
He only views wet cotton

The danger of desensitization

Like God in space
Viewing the future while still in the present
He watched, as the fool, was snapped in half like a pencil
Dragged, between four-thousand pounds and concrete

Oh, Materials

He was sure that truck was all the fool had in life
Probably spent years saving to own it
Life was nothing without it!

Grinding Intercourse

Sex, Sex, Sex!
Hail, Hail, Hail
Sex, Sex, Sex!
Flesh and steel bonded
Someone's child won't be coming home
A mother will mourn
A wife collects life insurance for margaritas
Daddy will never walk through the door
A father, gone!
Young the girl holding a dead teddy
As stated above, so stated below
Her tears are real
His laughter surreal
She frowns
He smiles
'No sweetie, Superman is only found on the tele
That's now ground meat
Another patron attending the afterlife party
If he wasn't a Jew, Muslim or Christian he's burning in flames!


Her eyes lost in disbelief
How did she not see?
How had she been deceived?
In the horror, she discovered her great satan
He was one of the desensitized
She, a purist in the midst of the demonic
She didn't understand how this was hidden
But she was determined
In her mind, He was going to change
For her fruit, he would be saved
He knew she was delusional.
His thirst was for one thing
Conquest of the grapes

Gocni Schindler 

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