Friday, September 1, 2017


Dance, you cricket, dance
Chirp, chirp, make some nonsense
The moon shines bright
Sing to it, sing it with life
Feel me dear Cricket to heal

Dance, you cricket, dance
Chirp, chirp, chirp away the lazy day
Spoken his age
Eyes not full of dread
Smiling, his old mug shines in smiles
How it is etched
How it is so...How I, dare I, never forget
Light shining
Glimmering within my dark night

Cricket, dance you cricket, dance!
Chirp, chirp, vibrate my soul
Send vigor to the fight
Bring clarity to this old fool
Deliver yet again that charming smile
Show me you're still full of life
Cricket, Cricket, oh, Cricket
Moon, oh, cruelest moon, do you not touch my plight?
Moon, see you not see me as trifle
Blind O'moon Blind, see thee how my Cricket lays cold
Words, vibrations on the wind, day before three days past
Won't be around much longer
Trivial things indeed
Did I not heed?
Did I not receive?
Lost I was
Captive to my foolish game
Dollars to pocket
Nickles and change
Scraps from my master
Damn you corporation game
Damn you Cricket, damn you
Dance, get up and dance
Dare this not be our last
Dance, Cricket,
Chirp, Chirp, Chirp
See the moon, see she shines, bright!
Arms still limp
Let me close thine eyes
Allow me this solitude of dance
Once more around the table
Once more before the fire
Once more to be desired

Eighty-two and three-quarters for the moon
One-quarter for the boat man taking the fool
Taking this lost fridge
Bon voyage
Safe travels
Good luck
See you on the morrow
When tomorrow never comes

Cricket, no Cricket
Dance for the stars
Dance for my sorrow
Dance to make joy for tomorrow
Dance Cricket
Dance to bring me deliverance
Dance Cricket
Sing me melody of romance
Breath wind from heaven
Allow me to feel the breeze
Enchant me

No dear Cricket
Here I rest you in the ground
Dance, Dance, Dance
Eighty-two has no more value
Chirp, Chirp, Chirp
Till we see each other on the morrow
Save me a quarter
Boat rides to hereafter

Gocni Schindler

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