Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's all about the bullshit

It's all about the bullshit

When they say "let's automate the process"

What it really means is someone is losing their job.

Or the correct terminology for being shit canned is someone is being "impacted"

They're transitioning away from this model.

My all time favorite word used is "bandwidth"

Bandwidth, like what, are you a fucking cable box?

Gotta plug Timmy in here, he's down on bandwidth!

Let's take this offline so we can provide insight!

Insight, here, take my flashlight

All these stupid words used by morons with degrees!

There really should be at the end of the day, a damn degree for common sense!

Those who have this degree should get paid the most

Thus, preventing idiots from using moronic words in an attempt to "sound professional"

That's really B.A.U.

If you're like me, you might be wondering

What, in the absolute fuck, is B.A.U.?

This little nugget of insect intelligence from the upper east coast cockroach was using this in our fancy meeting.

Business As Usual, I gave the guy my digital signage

It's like my car ride in this morning

The ad on the radio was for mattresses

The asshole selling actually used the line of "get your limited edition Labor Day mattresses."

In my mind, I'm visualizing two broads sitting at the table. Sipping on some over priced lattes. The one states to the other how sleeping with Jimbo has been nothing but heaven ever since he purchased that Limited edition Labor Day mattress. She probably would then carry the conversation on how their Fifty Shades of Abuse has also risen to a whole new level.

Like they just flipped Donkey Kong

Gocni Schindler 

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