Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Raising my Millennial Jones

Raising my Millennial Jones 
Kids always on the final picture
Steps to get to the end
Pick the work you want 
Let's treat this like a day job
What you do is what you get paid
Dishes, laundry, bathroom, trash
pays forty large a week
Kid takes the trash
ten dollars a week
End picture for him
less time spent
Here we are today
Kids asking me for twenty and change
Plenty of jobs to do to make that
Kid didn't understand
Showed him a picture of a homeless guy
Kicked out on the curb
Here is what your "less time spent" will get
Take this image here
One man successful
Suddenly he understood
Final picture 
Kids doing the work
I'm drinking another beer
Makes it all worth it
Until tomorrow 
when he doesn't do shit again

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